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Studio Falkland Lodge

Community Music Partnership

About Us

You can read about our team here.

Music transforms people's lives, whether it be through personal development, widening networks, or improving physical and mental health.  These benefits can be felt regardless of age, but are particularly critical to young people.  

We aim to remove barriers to people's access to the transformative power of music, bringing people together across the music industry and far beyond to think again about how the wider community of music can sustain and nurture itself, and how we can shape the future of music and education to create something with lasting positive impact on the entire industry.

Lasting difference is what is important to us - our work focusses on long term solutions and interventions, rather than project-based approaches; if it's not sustainable, we won't put our name to it.

Our programmes show our key areas of focus, working together to come up with meaningful and far-reaching solutions to barriers faced in music education, and the wider industry.

Education and Discovery

Communities, Partnerships and Networks

Pathways, General Compliance and Development

Digital Presence and Marketing

Finance and Financial Compliance

We believe music can transform lives and provide the skills to thrive in the modern world. 


We believe the music community encompasses the  entire music industry.


We provide equal support to both amateur and professional musicians


We believe music benefits the economy and we will promote the lasting difference music can make when used as part of wider business strategy.

Our Ethos





Our Aims


We'll partner with musical and non-musical organisations to create tailored musical interventions and experiences.

Making or listening to music helps you feel better, reduces stress and can help you explore new skills. We'll work with all sorts of organisations in our community such as health, social care, education and business development to help transform lives.


We'll help bring the music industry together, celebrating ALL aspects of musical life and culture.

We'll explore what can be achieved when professional musicians and amateur music networks fully nurture each other.

With our resources, and through our partnerships, we'll provide support and opportunities in any way we can.

We'll also provide support to organisations already doing this work incredibly well, enhancing their activities where possible.

Universal Access

We'll help remove barriers to understanding, enjoying, and participating in music.

We'll focus on areas where participation in musical activities and programmes appears low - ensuring easy access to a variety of positive musical experiences for everyone.

Our Groups

Our Groups

Studio Falkland Lodge

Community Music

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