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Pride Flags

(Project in development)

A Youth Choir in South London for young people between the ages of 11 and 18 anywhere on the gender and sexuality spectrum


Our Aims

The Pride Youth Choir's aim is simple:

to give young people a wonderful musical experience.

We will aim high and include the very best musicians and venues. We want to help provide young people with an identity whilst they navigate the incredibly challenging task of finding their own.

For a young person, this task is hard enough at the best of times, but imagine how much harder it must be when you know there is an element of your life and your identity that you don't understand. You may have difficult questions - questions that you might not feel comfortable asking friends or family. Imagine how unsettling that can be, how lonely you might potentially feel.

That's where we come in - we want to provide a safe environment for young people to achieve something together - something they can be justly proud of.

By working with the best partner organisations, we will surround them with the right people who can give them good, timely and safe advice - to allow them to ask all the wrong questions and get all the right answers!

Pride Parade

The Groundwork

We will seek funding from larger organisations for Phase Two of this project, but in order to make this happen we need to take Phase One into schools, to give musical workshops and to listen to young people to find out exactly what they need from us - to ask them to take an active part in shaping the success of their choir.

The Latest..

Pride Youth Choir Update

January 2023 - Significant Setback for Our Project and Young People in Croydon

It was with sadness and alarm that we learned the organisation who would have formed a vital partnership with this project, Metro Bridge, have lost their funding in the latest round of voluntary sector funding cuts by Croydon Council, meaning that in March 2023 their vital work supporting young people in Croydon will have to end.

This only serves to underline how vital work such as ours is, and we will begin to reach out to other organisations locally to try and fill the huge gap the loss of Metro Bridge's work in this local area will inevitably create.  This also means our progress will now be delayed as we seek to reach out, but check back here for the latest information.

If you are connected with a charity that works locally with LGBTQIA+ people, please contact us, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact our CEO, Christopher Braime, on​


November 2022 - Phase 1 Fundraising Begins

In order to ensure a project such as this actually makes a meaningful impact, it is essential to put young people at the centre of project design.  As a result we need a pilot phase that goes out into schools to explore ideas and discuss the next stages.  This phase requires money, so our CEO, Christopher Braime (not built naturally for long distance running...) decided to do something to raise money for this vital project - so in July 2022 he decided to start training for the Richmond Park Half Marathon, which he completed in early November, raising over £1700 to begin this important work. 

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