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We understand that you place a huge amount of trust in us when you leave a child in our care.  To protect them, and all staff involved in bringing these sessions to young people, we have the following policies and procedures in place.  These procedures will regularly be reviewed and amended where required.  If you have any comments, or questions, about our policies and how we keep children and staff safe, please do not hesitate to email

How we will keep your child safe:


There will be at least three core members of staff on site at all times while your child is in our care, these staff members will have DBS Enhanced Disclosure

When parent helpers are required, any parent helper without a DBS check will not be left alone with a child

The three core staff have read and agree to abide by our Protection of Children and Vulnerable Persons Policy (20221002 - The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Persons - Policy Document.docx)

Core staff have extensive experience in an education setting and working with young people.

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